Offering the Best in Thermal Performance

Northern Lights windows incorporate the latest technology to offer you a lifetime of year-round savings and weathertight thermal performance.

Northern Lights insulated glass units use DuraliteTM, the highly energy efficient insulating glass spacer system developed by Truseal Technologies. This system provides superior thermal performance, excellent insulated glass seal and reduced condensation.

DuraliteTM spacers are more effecient because they contain no metal. This means that your windows will be warmer int he winter and cooler in the summer, making your home more comfortable year round. With a non-metal spacer, there is less temperature differential, so less condensation is created, which can reduce the risk of unhealthy and unsightly mold growth.

The Duralite spacer system can save you money. The energy efficiency of a window can be measured by the amount of heat conducted through its materials. Duralite spacers conducct less energy than any other insulating glass spacer, saving you more money on your energy bills.

Key Features:

  • Lowest Conductivity warm edge spacer
  • Improved condensation resistance
  • Easier to meet EnergyStarTM requirements
  • Warmer edge of glass temperature
  • Superior argon gas retention
  • Proven adhesive technology
  • Composite Laminating Technology
  • Smooth surface appearance

Reduced Conductivity
Sun's warm-edge spacer replaces the conductive materials used in other spacers with air.  The unique concept creates a high thermal barrier to reduce the transfer of heat or cold through the spacer.

Condensation Resistance
No spacer system can eliminate condensation but Sun's High Performance warm-edge spacer system reduceds conductivity by 50% over other warm-edge spacers.  This reduces conductivity, which in-turn reduces condensation.

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